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College Lacrosse Recruiting Information


Braveheart Coaches have placed more players in the college lacrosse ranks than any other lacrosse program in South Jersey. Braveheart knows what to teach players and ensure that our players are seen at the right tournaments. 

Below are important considerations and to-dos when considering playing in the collegiate ranks.


1. Be realistic
If you get nothing else from this page - get this point. Not everyone will be playing at Johns Hopkins just because you play for a great club team or play at the best recruiting tournaments. Be realistic when you consider schools to set as your goal.  Yes of course aim high and set your goals high. Be committed to do your best to excel as a student, as an athlete and as a person.  When you consider different schools factor in your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, PSAT scores, campus environment, student life, location, etc.

2. Be the best student you can be
If you are part of the fortunate few that receives a lacrosse scholarship, what will greatly help in that endeavor is to be the best student you can be. Get good grades, take courses that demonstrate academic rigor and do well on your SAT/ACT tests.

3. Write your the College Coach
Write letters to coaches to communicate where you will be playing. Provide your Spring schedule of quality games against quality competition. Colleges coaches aren't impressed if you dominate on defense or score five goals against a team with a terrible record.  Let the coach know about your Summer and Fall tournaments and be sure to know your number of your jersey when you let that coach know.  Include in your letter student information, height, weight and statistics.

4. Create a Webpage
Include links to videos. Include your student information, height, weight, statistics and where you can be seen playing in quality games and in Summer and Fall tournaments.

5. Who contacts who (and when)
Make sure you know the college recruiting calendar - this will remove some frustration.  Underclassmen, if a college coach is interested he will contact you.  For incoming seniors as of July 1st, college coaches can contact players directly.

6. Visit your college
Let the coach know that you are visiting.

7. Admissions
Consider early admissions.